How To Choose the Best Flat Cord Power Strip

As long as you use multiple electric appliances simultaneously, choosing the right power strip for your home is necessary. We all need flat cord power strip in our homes because we must power our electronic gadgets and devices.

Although getting a power strip in the market seems easy, getting the right one is another issue altogether. And, guess what? It truly matters what power strip you use because it can cause much damage to your electronics if you don’t get the right one.

Flat Cord Power Strip

We are concerned about the safety of your electrical appliances at home. This article will guide you to choose the best flat cord power strip to end all your worries about the power extension cord problems you have been facing.

How to Choose the Best Flat Cord Power Strip

When choosing the best flat cord power strip for your home, you must remember how many things you want to connect and how they are positioned in your house.

You want to ensure that you can plug nearly all your electronics into one power strip without thinking about unplugging one to create space for the other. Please follow these steps to get the best among power extensions.

Check the Length

If you have to use the power strip at a workshop, you should consider the distance between the work area and the power source. Typically, it would be best to have something as long as 50 meters. Consider the distance from your electronics to the power source for internal home use.

Sometimes, length alone may not be the issue—the cables’ quality matters. Check the wires’ durability to ensure that you get the best.

Also, check the port configurations of the outlets. Some have front-facing, rear-facing, right-angle, end-mouthed, and standard styles. Choose the option that works for you.


It is the same way we think about safety when buying anything with extension cords. The security of your gadgets should be a serious concern to you.

A good power strip must have circuit breakers to prevent system overload. An ideal circuit breaker should be 15A to 20A.

 It’s dangerous to allow moisture to find its way into your electronics. It can cause catastrophic damage to your appliance. Some power strips have automatic features like moisture shut-off, which helps to protect your devices from shocks.

Another factor to note is that some power strips come with all-metal housing, which makes them indestructible. This helps to protect from water and also prevent shocks.

Number of Outlets

One of the beauties of a flat cord power strip is the ability to possess multiple outlets. The number of ports in any extension cord is usually a factor in determining its suitability.

Choosing a power strip that will accommodate all your electrical appliances would be best. You don’t have to buy separate plugs for each gadget in the house.

Some power strips have transformer plugs and standard plugs. Choose a power strip that offers both plugs without causing any obstruction to the other. 

Electrical rating

Before you buy an extension cord, you must check the power rating. The power rating will tell you the capacity of electricity it can absorb.

Electrical rating will also help to indicate the voltage the appliance is designed to work. This tells you that you don’t have to plug in equipment with higher capacity than the power strip.

Without an appropriate rating, current can melt components and create more problems for your devices. Rating helps to protect both the extension cords and your appliances.

Surge Protection

The safety of your devices is something you must be deliberate about. Some power strips may have surge protection. Consider a power strip with surge protection when choosing the correct power strip for your home.

Power strips and surge protection have some things in common. They have multiple outlets, but surge protection keeps your device safe from frying up when there is a power surge.

 Power strips with surge protection help protect your electrical appliances during a hike in voltage.

Warranty in Case of Failure

Products with a warranty offer more security and peace of mind to customers. A power strip with a warranty is a plus when choosing one.

Some power strips may not function as written on their labels. You may take them home only to discover that they were overrated. Or you may discover that they were the wrong power strips.

You can get a replacement or a refund when the product you bought doesn’t match your expectation.


Flat cord power strips are available in various forms and purposes. You can find the wall-mountable ones, or you want to place them conveniently on the floor behind your settee.

You can use them in hospitals, schools, offices, computer rooms, shops, and anywhere. Also, you can position them in any corner of your house.  

Power strips are suitable for all purposes. They have multiple USB ports for charging your smartphones and their accessories. Choose wisely; choose the best.

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