How to Bring Your Instagram Page to Life

Working as a full-time content creator or influencer means you put a lot of blood sweat and tears into your social media. There are a lot of challenges that come along with this type of work. For example, when you work online, you have to ascertain that your home network is safe and that your sensitive information is protected.

Instagram Page

Another common challenge is making sure that your account and its content are unique and stand out above the rest. Here are a few tips to help you with that very issue.

Use Cool Edits

Keep things interesting in your posts by playing around with different editing styles. If your page is more on the fun side, you can take advantage of this by adding doodles and drawings to your posts or incorporating fun text on images.

You can also make image transparent in order to insert different backgrounds, bringing selfies, product photography, and other types of pictures to life.

Stick With One Filter

Cohesion plays a big role in the overall aesthetic of your Instagram page. When posts are viewed individually, this doesn’t matter all too much. However, when your audience views your feed as a whole, the impact of having one filter applied to each picture can have a beautiful effect.

Pick a filter that really works well with the type of photos and lighting you use most often – you can always tweak the editing for each image slightly.

Pick an Accent Colour

A fun idea to bring some life to your Instagram feed is to pick a subtle accent colour to include in most (or all) of your posts. This can be done in tiny ways, that don’t make it seem too obvious.

For example, if you pick red, you could include photos where you’re wearing a red scarf or red lipstick, add another shot of a red book cover, and yet another showing off your fresh breakfast including bright red berries.

Follow Current Social Media Trends

If you want your Instagram page to grow, you need to keep up with social media trends. Trendy posts will get the most engagement and invite people to take a look at the rest of your content.

On Instagram, posting reels is currently the main trend, and these posts are favoured by the algorithm.

Stay in Your Lane

If you want to earn money from your Instagram account, choosing a profitable niche is key, and even if your page is just personal, a niche can make things more fun.

Pick something that you’re passionate about and interested in and would be inspired to share constantly on your page. For example, if you’re a foodie, then sharing pictures of your meals and recipes is a great option.

Create Meaningful Content

Finally, try to post content that is meaningful in some way. Share things that inspire you and might inspire others, information or tips that might be useful, or purely entertaining pictures and videos.

Try to post regularly, and make sure that each post tells a story of some kind.

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