September 21, 2023
Command Key On Windows Keyboard

Have you ever wondered about the little key with the Windows logo printed on it? It is known as the command key on the Windows keyboard. It plays a significant role and acts as a shortcut for controlling and navigating various functions on the Windows operating system. For example, you can use this command key to copy and paste text or to open and close programs. Apple ecosystem is familiar with the command key, but for Windows users, it might sound foreign.

Let’s jump into the details about what is command key? difference between the command key on Mac and Windows keyboards, and how you can customize its functionality on your Windows keyboard.

What is the Command Key?

The command key is a unique key on Apple Keywords. This key is also known as the Apple key Command-Option key or cmd key. It has the label of the Windows logo on the Windows keyboard.

The Main function of this key is to deliver commands to the computer to perform functions without using a mouse. Using the Command key with the keyboard letter C, you will be able to copy the text that you have selected. Likewise, Command key + V will paste the text to another application copied earlier.

Holding the Command key on the Windows keyboard allows you to perform the various keyboard shortcuts. Some of the most common keyboard shortcuts are:

Command-ASelect all

Mac users frequently use the cmd key to perform various functions using the keyboard shortcuts. Some Windows functions require multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously, while other Windows functions will be executed by holding down the command key with a single letter from the Windows keyboard.

How to use Command Key?

People new to the Windows operating system should know about the command key. The command key is also known as the Windows Key, It is a keyboard shortcut that allows you to perform various Windows functions.

To use the command key, hold down the Windows key while pressing another key on the keyword. For example, open the Start Menu by pressing the Windows key with the ‘S’ key.

There are various functions you can do with the cmd key, but here are some of the most useful Windows functions:

  • Open the command prompt using the command key with the ‘R’ key.
  • Open the Start menu using the command key with the ‘S’ key.
  • Launch Task Manager using the command key with the ‘U’ key.

What is the Command key on a non-Apple keyboard?

Command key on Windows keyboard is located between the Control key and the Alt key. It will labeled with a Windows logo on it. This Command key is often used to perform shortcuts and menu commands.

What is the Mac Command Key on the Windows keyboard?

On a Windows keyboard, the Mac command key is a modifier key. When used with another key from the keyword, it will help to perform various functions like opening and closing of application and dashboard.

The command key on a Windows keyboard is located on the left of the spacebar on Mac keyboards while on the right side of the spacebar on a Windows keyboard.

What is Option Key, and Where to located?

The option key is located on the left side of the keyboard. It was labeled with black and white symbols and used in combination with other keys.

How to Use the Option key on a Mac System?

The option key is used with other keyboard keys to perform various functions. To move the cursor at the beginning of a previous word, press and hold the option key with the left arrow key.

What is the CMD Command?

The CMD key opens the command prompt on the Windows operating system. It is a text-based interface that allows the user to enter commands and perform tasks on the system.

To launch the command prompt, press the Windows key + R, type cmd, and then press the Enter key. You can also open the command prompt by typing the cmd on the search bar on the start menu.

When you launch the command prompt, you can type any valid command and press enter key to execute it. For example, you can do network settings using the ipconfig command to test the internet connection.

The Command prompt helps to open the various programs and software. Just type the name of the software and press the enter key. Type the notepad on the command prompt. It will launch the notepad text editor.


The command key is an essential key on the Windows keyboard. Now you know what it is and how to use it to complete the task faster and more efficiently. We hope this article helped to understand the command key.

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