Best Ways to Find a New Job in Saudi Arabia

Indian students are looking for work in Saudi Arabia. Because here you can find a job in the oil industry. Also with work in areas such as education, training, and information technology. Increasing attention is paid to the expansion of the economy. And lowering restrictions on international companies. Know how to get a job in Saudi Arabia!

It may also offer opportunities in education, healthcare, tourism, and engineering. The capital of the city is Riyadh. This is the second largest city. This is a search engine for great learning places. And most of the workers tend to be here. Know how to get a job in Saudi Arabia!

Work is the most common way to move to another country. Professional emigration between states and continents is gaining momentum. And this is not surprising. New professional opportunities, a new standard of living, and simply new and invaluable experience – all this is just a part of the benefits that moving with the help of labor emigration has. In this article, we will tell you in detail where and how to look for a job in Saudi Arabia and give the most useful and necessary advice.

Finding a job in Saudi Arabia is not easy for Indian citizens: every year, the government introduces a narrow number of vacancies that must be open to foreigners.

It is especially difficult for women to find a job. There is little chance of finding a job in the field of health (gynecologist or dermatologist) and education. Work in the Kingdom for Indian men is related to the oil sector. Also, with sufficient experience and qualifications, you can count on work in the field of tourism, construction, and IT technologies.

The best ways to find a job

There are a lot of ways to find a new job in Saudi Arabia for Indians below.

Internship in an international company

For students who graduate from universities, the best option to find a job in an international company after receiving a diploma is an internship. Yes, most likely it will be unpaid, but this is a great opportunity to show your level of competencies and personal qualities, as well as get a unique experience.

International sites

The job search will also help international sites where employers publish job advertisements.

The easiest places to find a job are, Jeddah, Yanbu and Riyadh. If you don’t want to search on your own, you can contact a special agency, but keep in mind that employees will charge a fee of 10% of the estimated income for the year for the work.

Look for a job in the Indian representative offices of companies in Saudi Arabia

Another option is to look for vacancies in large companies with a representative office in Saudi Arabia for employees without experience. However, in this case, it should be understood that the applicant must meet all the listed requirements, which are quite high in companies of this level.

Often, international companies prefer applicants who have equally developed soft and hard skills, as well as those who are interested in the situation in the industry in which the organization operates. For example, for the financial sector, it is necessary to understand the algorithms of the exchange and currency markets and to know the current quotes. At an interview for a position in an IT company, they will definitely be interested in the level of proficiency in instant messengers and skills in cybersecurity, and understanding of digital trends.

Present your experience

The advantage of a candidate in an effort to find a job in an international company will be relevant work experience in large Indian holdings – a well-known and respected employer in the resume will be a tangible plus for the future employer. Especially considering that the first stages of the interview usually take place with HR managers who are not in India and do not always know the local labor market thoroughly.

It is most effective to get a certain experience in the representative office of an international company in India. For example, most foreign automakers (Toyota Motor, Volkswagen Group), grocery retailers (Metro Group, Nestle), and gadget manufacturers (Apple, Huawei Technologies) have representative offices in this country.

Use social media and letters of recommendation

Another useful tip for those who want to work in international companies: foreign HR managers actively use the system of letters of recommendation. Therefore, it is worth requesting this document from the immediate supervisor at the last place of work, from clients or partners.

The most effective tools for a job seeker in an international company are a resume, a cover or recommendation letter, and the first meeting. Therefore, take the preparation of these documents and the interview seriously. The appearance corresponding to the style of the company, the ability to present oneself, be as frank as possible, and clarify the details of working in the company is a candidate’s competent strategy for employment.

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