Best IBDP Maths Study Materials You Can Use This Year

There are a total of six topic groups in the International Baccalaureate (IB) course module. The fifth group is mathematics, which consists of four main types of math courses.

A student must complete at least one of the following three math courses in order to receive an IB Diploma: Mathematical Studies Standard Level, Mathematics Standard Level, or Mathematics Higher Level. The fourth subject, further Mathematics Higher Level, is not absolutely necessary.

IBDP Maths

The Mathematical Studies Standard Level is created in a way that gives pupils a confidence boost and encourages them to grow fond of arithmetic. It is mostly for students who value math’s secondary role in their courses. The course module covers a variety of subjects, such as numbers and algebra, geometry and trigonometry, statistics, and financial mathematics, among others.

The Mathematics Standard Level, on the other hand, is designed for students who are primarily getting ready for a university study in either chemistry or economics. Students who enroll in Mathematical Studies Standard Level will learn algebra, trigonometry, and statistics. While the basic curriculum also includes a few other subject areas. The Mathematics Standard and Higher Level curricula are equivalent, with the Standard Level curricula being a subset of the Higher Level curricula.

The higher level of mathematics is only available to pupils who have a solid foundation in math. They also need to have practical experience with a variety of technical skills and analytics. Students are frequently getting ready for future courses in fields like physics, engineering, and technology, similar to the mathematics standard level. There must be a minimum of 190 hours of instruction for Mathematics Higher Level.

Additionally, students must spend a minimum of 40 additional instructional hours studying at least one optional subject (often known as “option”).

The Further Mathematics Higher Level course (Standard Level prior to 2014) is intended for students who are proficient in math, have an interest in the subject, and, more specifically, for those who plan to pursue the subject further in college.

Here is a selection of books and online resources that will be of great assistance to you, along with a brief description of each of these study tools.

  • Pearsons IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL

It covers every aspect of the new curriculum in detail. A group of highly qualified authors with backgrounds in the IB wrote this book.

This book is a fantastic resource that has thorough explanations that help you comprehend each and every subject. You can assess your understanding of each component by doing the problems at the conclusion of each one. It includes Geogebra applets created specifically for this class.

The work examples make it easier to grasp the questions. Along with the foregoing, it also includes extensive chapters for the Theory of Knowledge and instructions on internal assessment. The questions you have about everything are all answered in this book. It offers you the chance to reflect on your own behavior through a selection of tests, activities, and links that will provide you with further information to research further.

  • Oxford IBDP Math Analysis and Approaches HL

This book is a condensed, easier version that briefly discusses each idea. It is the most thorough book available to assist DP Mathematics, including approaches to the HL curriculum. After each concept’s explanation, exercises and worksheets are provided. These aid in a deeper comprehension of the topic discovered. Additionally, it offers assistance in order to get ready for exams.

  • Oxford IBDP Math Analysis and Approaches SL.

It might be said to as a wealth of digital content that has been developed in collaboration with the IB to create a book that can serve as a quick reference guide for the new DP Mathematics: analysis methods SL syllabus. One full-color print textbook and one online textbook, both of which are jam-packed with investigations, exercises, worksheets, written solutions, and answers, as well as support for assessment preparation, make up each Enhanced Online Course Book Pack.

  • Pearsons IBDP Math Analysis and Approaches SL

This book contains comprehensive explanations of all the subjects at the Standard level. A group of scholars with extensive expertise in the subject wrote it. To help you fully understand each subject, it presents you with a variety of issues and their answers. It provides assistance ranging from work examples to internal evaluations.

  • IB DP Math Application and Interpretation

Hodder IBDP Mathematic application and Interpretation SL. This book will give you the tools to build a mathematical model by examining difficult problems and utilizing technology. It provides you with images and entertaining tasks to inspire problem-solving abilities including review activities in the middle and at the conclusion of each exercise, it also supports the pursuit of knowledge.

  • Oxford IBDP Math Application and Interpretation SL

Simplified texts are used in the Oxford IBDP Math Application and Interpretation SL book to aid with student comprehension. It provides an explanation, followed by examples that have been solved, to aid in comprehending mathematical issues.

  • Haese IBDP Math Application and Interpretation HL

HL Haese introduces toolkit feature questions that put your investigation and exploration to the test. Additionally, it uses color coding to show the degree of difficulty for each sort of question. It also calms your eyes with images of math in practical settings. You can use it to aid in internal evaluations as well.

  • Tribe Topper

Tribe Topper is an online revision resource and is an excellent resource to practice and prepare for your class studies and exams. Their courses will give you access to Key Concepts, solved past papers, Topic wise question banks, and mock practice tests. In IBDP you can get access to Math AAHL, Math AASL, Math AIHL, and Math AISL.

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