Best Electric Fuel Pumps from MaySpare

Are you looking for the best electric fuel pump for your vehicle? Look no further than MaySpare, a company that offers top-quality fuel pumps with impressive specifications. MaySpare offers three different electric fuel pumps designed to meet your specific needs.

MaySpare Electric Fuel Pump 12v Kawasaki Mule

In the market for a reliable fuel pump? Look no further than the MaySpare Electric Fuel Pump 12v Kawasaki Mule. With its universal fit and high-quality rubber material, this pump will surely exceed your expectations. The OE specification ensures its compatibility with your vehicle, while the electric lift type provides ease of use.

This pump has a flow rate of 60LPH and pressure of 1-2psi; this pump is perfect for a range of Mule models, including the 1994-1998 Mule 1000. The purchase includes a fuel filter, rubber hose, and clamps. This third-party accessory comes with a six-month warranty, ensuring your satisfaction. Order now and experience the MaySpare difference!

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MaySpare Electric Fuel Pump Kit In-Tank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit 

In the automotive industry, some components are essential for the proper functioning of a vehicle. The electric fuel pump is one of these components, and MaySpare has introduced an exceptional one. This universal fit kit is designed to be installed in the tank and has a flow rate of 255 LPH, making it compatible with all 12 Volt vehicles, such as cars, trucks, boats, and generators.

The kit includes a high-performance fuel pump, multiple strainer nylon material, universal connector wire, stainless steel clamps, cover anti-vibration, and a rubber hose.

The primary role of the electric fuel pump is to pressurize and deliver fuel from the tank to the fuel supply pipe, thus establishing an absolute fuel pressure. MaySpare’s electric fuel pump boasts specifications that set it apart.

These specifications include PRV activation of 0-100PSI, a flow rate of 140-160LPH @ 43PSI/13.5V, and 110-120LPH @ 43PSI/12V, with a current of 5.0A@43PSI/12V and voltage of 12V. However, it is essential to note that this pump should only be used for gasoline and diesel (without alcohol).

MaySpare’s electric fuel pump is easy to install and has a six-month warranty. This pump is the perfect choice for those seeking high-quality and OEM matches.

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MaySpare Electric Fuel Pump 12V 4.5-7 PSI Self Priming In Line Fuel Pump 

Welcome to the MaySpare EP014 Electric Fuel Pump – your vehicle’s ultimate fuel delivery solution. This in-line fuel pump boasts an output pressure of 4-7PSI, an input voltage of 12 volts, and a current of 1.5A. With a flow rate of 80-85L/h, it’s ideal for cars, trucks, boats, and generators.

Constructed with a pure copper wire coil, the EP014 offers longer life and better corrosion resistance than inferior copper-clad aluminum products. Additionally, it’s cross-referenced with E8012S, FD0002, P60430, EP12S, and 6414671.

As an essential component of electric jet fuel injection systems, it is installed internally in the tank to extract fuel, pressurize it, and send it through the fuel supply pipe to establish a particular fuel pressure.

Order your EP014 Electric Fuel Pump today and enjoy a 100% high-quality OEM match, a direct replacement, and a six-month warranty. Don’t settle for less when it comes to fuel delivery – choose MaySpare EP014 for unmatched reliability and performance.

Check out: MaySpare Electric Fuel Pump 12V 4.5-7 PSI Self Priming In Line Fuel Pump 

Wrap up

MaySpare’s electric fuel pumps are an excellent choice for anyone seeking high-quality and reliable fuel delivery systems. With impressive specifications and easy installation, MaySpare’s fuel pumps offer unmatched performance and durability. Plus, with a six-month warranty, you can rest assured that your purchase is protected. Order your MaySpare electric fuel pump today and experience the difference in your vehicle’s performance.

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