3 Reasons Business Travel Is Still Important in the Digital Age

While traveling for business may have taken a backseat during the COVID pandemic, thanks to the rise of digital platforms that make conferencing and communication easier than ever, there are still benefits to the practice. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why travel still plays a vital role in the business world and how you should use the practice to boost your own business.

There Is No Substitute for Face-To-Face Meetings

Whether you are looking to boost relations with a customer, supplier, or even your own team, there really is no substitute for in-person meetings. While applications like Teams, Zoom and others make conferencing more accessible, there are some aspects of business that need the personal touch. In-person interaction helps build a solid foundation between people, avoid miscommunication, and encourage feelings of unity, which can only help businesses of all sizes.

Traveling for team-building experiences is especially important, as team unity will ultimately lead to more productivity and better customer service. If you have a vital member of the team with health concerns, consider hiring the services of a travel companion, who will not only be on-hand to help with any medical emergencies but can also assist in making travel arrangements for your staff member.

Travel Can Boost Productivity

While it may seem counterproductive to say that being away from your desk can make you more productive, it has actually been shown that traveling can help motivate workers and improve their morale. If used as a team-building exercise, business traveling can help build a cohesive team, help team members bond, and provide the opportunity for remote workers to interact with their co-workers.

Sometimes Online Research Isn’t Enough

If your business has grown large enough that you are considering expansion, you must do adequate research into the region you wish to expand into before you spend a dollar on a business move that has the potential to be extremely lucrative but which comes with its fair share of risk. That is why research is vital if you want to succeed. And, while the internet can certainly get you started with some basic information, there is some research that can only be conducted in person.

For example, while you may be able to tell the demographics of a city using online data, these broad breakdowns often omit specifics that could help in your planning process. Interacting with local people in your new potential location can also set the groundwork for your business, which should result in a better reception when you make the move.

While the COVID pandemic has irrevocably changed the way the world does business, driving home the importance and usefulness of digital technology, some things never change. Businesspeople will always have a need to travel. In fact, we are already seeing rising numbers of businesspeople hitting the road once more, albeit in smaller numbers than expected. Whether the aim of these trips is building new connections, team building, or simply for research, travel remains a key ingredient to success for many businesses around the world.

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