What Happened to Marshall and Millions

What happened to Marshall and Millions? On Sunday, May 7, the two American Staffordshire Terriers named Marshall and Millions were tragically shot dead by Metropolitan Police officers in Tower Hamlets, London, which ignited a protest and controversy.

What Happened to Millions and Marshall Dog?

Louie Turnbull is a homeless owner of two American Staffordshire Terriers named Marshall and Millions dog, aged three years and nine months. The two dogs allegedly attacked a woman and her dog, which prompted a shooting by the police, although witnesses around the place claim that woman got entangled in the dog’s leashes and was never in real danger. However, according to bystanders, dogs were not a threat to the woman and his dogs and were killed unnecessarily.

This incident sparked protests and debate by Animal Rising in London due to the unnecessary killing of innocent dogs.

This shooting incident is currently investigating by Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Louie Turnbull show his anguish to police that they brandished weapons and frightened him and the dog. He said the dogs were on a leash, and he was trying to pull them away when they shot dead. Louie Turnbull himself was tasered and arrested by London police and later appeared in court with charges of owning animals that were out of control.

The owner of a dangerously out-of-control Marshall and Millions dog pleaded not guilty, but they pleaded guilty to being in possession while disqualified from owning one. Louie Turnbull described he intended to retrieve the dog from the incident and speak to the police, but it turned disgusting. Now he seeks justice for Marshall and Millions as he lost his beloved dogs.

Justice for Marshall and Millions

People are demanding justice for the innocent dog killing and urging accountability of the police officers. The Marshall and Millions video circulating on social media ignited a wave of rallies and vigils. Louie Turnbull was charged with owning these “dangerously out-of-control” dogs and made him appear in court.

Marshall and Millions Petition

A petition has been launched in support of the tragic killing of Marshall and Millions by the Metropolitan Police officers, demanding accountability and justice. This petition seeks action against the police officers involved.

This petition collected one million people signatures on change.org, which seeks criminal charges against the officer involved in the “barbaric” act of killing the dogs. This loss deeply saddened Mr. Turnbull. The people support the growing demand for justice in this matter, seeking to ensure that similar incidents prevent in the future and responsible persons appear in court.

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