Sedentary Lifestyle Meaning

A sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle that involves very less or no physical activity. Also, known as an inactive lifestyle where people used to spend the whole day sitting, reading, watching television, playing video games, lying down on the bed or couch with little or no vigorous physical exercise.

Stay Positive with Your Thoughts. Work Hard with Your Body. True, because your lifestyle talks a lot about your health and your fitness. To fulfill today’s demands, jobs become an integral part of our lives. But, leading to a sedentary lifestyle affects our health system adversely. Restricting to any physical movement makes our body lethargic and slothful.

If you are deducting the active movements from your lifestyle that means you are adding major health issues and other problems in your life cycle. The more vigorous body movement you have during a day; the better health aspects you will achieve.

A report published in Annals of Internal Medicine states that more than half of the individuals have spent most of the time in sitting jobs or without doing any physical active tasks. As per the market survey, a sedentary lifestyle allows people to have 7 percent of type-2 diabetes, 6 percent of coronary heart disease cases, 10% of colon cancer and 10% of breast cancer. Indeed, inactivity is responsible for more annual deaths as compared to smoking.

Sedentary Lifestyle health report

John Hopkins Medicine has published an article in which they describe the following health conditions because of physical inactivity:

  • It may responsible for anxiety and depression.
  • It may increase the risks of certain cancers.
  • It connects with high cholesterol levels and elevated blood pressure.
  • It acts as a risk factor for certain cardiovascular syndromes.
  • People who infuse more physical activity in their lives are less prone to coronary heart disease.
  • Active people do not face the problems of overweight or obese.
  • Sitting for a long time may reduce skeletal muscle mass.

Sitting Jobs

It is the right time to think and analyze why we have to lead a sedentary lifestyle or sitting jobs. We are more inactive than we were 50 years ago because of technology. The advancement of technology brings more inactive modes of transit in our lives that increase sitting jobs. Due to this, we have spent more hours while sitting to watch TV, internet surfing, playing video games, and many more.

Since 1950, sedentary occupations have amplified 83% and physically active jobs only cover 25% of our workforce. Moreover, it also increases our average work week. Today’s people in the U.S. work 47 hours a week which counts as 164 more hours a year than twenty years ago.

Let’s have a look at the number that describes the effects of sitting jobs on our bodies. A sedentary lifestyle reflects an individual’s engagement for prolonged periods in sitting or overall their inactivity levels. When you go in deep you will surprise by the negative impacts of this lifestyle.

  • American spends about 11 hours a day in sitting.
  • In the U.S., the annual death toll is around 300,000 deaths occur because of idleness and poor dietary routines.
  • The scarcity of physical activity responsible for 20% of all deaths among 35-aged people and older.
  • 65% of individuals in the U.S. watch TV for more than 2 hours a day.
  • As compared to men, women are more likely to lead sedentary lifestyles.
  • Only 6.5% of Americans fulfil the physical guideline requirements to work in optimal conditions.
  • An estimated $24 billion spends on medicals due to sedentary lives.

Consequences of a sedentary lifestyle in the human body

According to studies, a person spends an average of 7.7 hours a day without being active because only 20% of jobs require physical activities. But, spending more than half of an hour with no active body movement can lead to serious health problems.


Formation of blood clots

Because of inertia, blood pooling puts pressure on veins resulting in serious health issues. You will feel the spider’s webs across your skin or a feel of heaviness in limbs. This condition leads to venous thromboembolism (VTE).

Risk of Diabetes

Our body gets energy by burning sugar and carbohydrates because of the hormone called insulin. Our hormones get negatively affected because of less active movements which further influences our immune system.

Your daily routine decides your insulin levels. If our body resists making insulin, we will gain weight that reflects as a physical change but we will also get higher blood sugar as the hidden changes. This situation leads to Type 2 diabetes. The 2016 issue of magazine Diabetes Care reveals that 3 minutes of activity after spending 30 minutes in the same sitting position can boost your blood glucose levels.

More Chances of Heart Diseases

Any changes in your blood levels influence your heart too. Diabetes increases bad cholesterol levels resulting in the risk of heart disease. Indeed, sitting too long puts adverse effects on your heart irrespective of your blood sugar levels. In fact, if you watch TV for more than 3 hours a day, you will be 64% more prone to heart disease.

Depression is also one of the major reasons for heart disease. Your physical indolence can lead to suicide. Heath studies say 60% of people are suffering from major depression and more than 90% of people prefer suicide to end their issues.

Risk of Osteoporosis

While working in an office, if you choose an uncomfortable chair, your back and neck will feel pain for the rest of the day. The reason behind the pain is a misalignment of bone in the spine. Therefore, if you sit for a longer time, your skeleton also gets affected which is called osteoporosis (weak bones).

Our bones renew constantly through re-absorption and replacing the older ones. But the same process doesn’t occur in older people. Their bones become less prone to reconstruction. Indeed, when you have reached peak production, 1% of bone density starts to reduce every year. In fact, your inactive lifestyle also leads to bone mass at a faster rate whenever you consume less oxygen.

Risk of Early Death

There is another point of concern because of the inactive routine risk of early death. According to the World Health Organization report, there is about 6% of death occurs because of sedentary lifestyle across the world. And, also states that inactive routine is the fourth leading risk factor for mortality.

A sedentary routine is also responsible for diabetes, heart disease cases, and cancers (breast and colon) as discussed above.

Tips to lower down the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle

After discussing the consequences of sitting jobs or an inactive lifestyles, we need to think about it and try to incorporate some active movements into our lives. It is never being too late to start something important and healthy. Change your habits and pay attention to your health.

  1. You need to add some physical activities in your daily routine
  2. Instead of a car or bike, choose walking to cover your distance.
  3. Don’t go for an escalator or lift, use stairs for more activeness.
  4. Choose to cover some distance by walking when you are using the bus for your daily transportation. For that, leave your bus one or two stops early.
  5. You can also add some physical movements by parking your vehicle far from your home.
  6. Note your time to travel for at least one kilometre and plan your daily distance accordingly.
  7. You must plan some active movements for your office

More than 8 hours, we have spent in our office. Thus, it is beneficial if we add some physical activities in your work premises.

  • Again choose the stairs to cover the distance despite life.
  • If possible, prefer direct communication with your colleagues instead of emailing or group messages.
  • Don’t make your desk to the lunch spot. Enjoy the short walk outside and take some rounds during lunch time.
  • An idea of walking meetings is good but how much applicable is still in beta mode.

You require to make an active indoor routine:

Convert your free time to some physical movements such as dance.

Time to make yoga and cardio your daily lifestyle.

Choose to do your household works by yourself sweeping, dusting, etc.

Despite watching TV serials or web series, prefer to walk or make some movement in your home.

While talking over phones, don’t sit in the same place.

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Conclusion: Leaving your sitting jobs and starting something different is not the solution to this situation. We can’t ignore the job responsibilities and our basic requirements but we can take some steps to add some physical activeness to our inactive routine. The adverse effects of your sedentary lifestyle may not be visible at the moment but it will disturb your health in the future. So, it is the right time to change your inactive lifestyle and create some active and healthy charts for your daily routine.

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