Ready, Set, Love Season 2 Release Date

Ready, Set, Love, a Thai romantic comedy series that debuted on February 15, 2024, quickly captured the audience’s attention with its unique premise. Created by Yanyong Kuruaungkoul, the series unfolds in a world where a significant shortage of men prompts women to compete for love in a government-sponsored game show. This innovative storyline offered a fresh take on the romantic comedy genre, blending elements of satire with societal commentary.

Ready, Set, Love Season 2 Release Date Speculations

Despite the enthusiastic reception from fans, an official announcement for Ready, Set, Love Season 2 release date is pending to announce. The series finale left many storylines open-ended, suggesting a continuation could be possible. However, without confirmation from Netflix or the creators, the future of the series hangs in balance. Speculations suggest that if renewed, the second season could hit the screens by mid to late 2025, considering the production timelines typically associated with television series.

Audience and Critical Reception

The series has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some praised its humor, unique setting, and the creative way it addressed contemporary issues related to love and relationships. Despite some critics finding the show slightly underwhelming, it managed to garner a respectable following and sparked considerable discussion on social media, highlighting its engagement with viewers.

What’s the Motto Behind This Season?

Ready, Set, Love” Season 1 immerses us into an extraordinary and dystopian vision of the 1970s, a decade hit by a severe pandemic that drastically shifts the global demographic balance. In this altered reality, the world faces a critical crisis: a dramatic decrease in the male population, with their numbers dwindling to a mere 1%. This leaves just 314 men alive worldwide, turning men into a rarity and causing a significant upheaval in societal norms.

The pandemic has rendered natural birth methods and scientific attempts at insemination ineffective in producing male offspring, leading to a world where the female population vastly outnumbers their male counterparts. This drastic imbalance has prompted the government to take unique measures to address the situation.

Amidst this chaos, we find “The Farm,” a secure haven where the remaining men are kept. It is against this backdrop that the government initiates “Ready, Set, Love,” a high-stakes dating competition designed to match the few remaining men with women. In this contest reminiscent of a love-themed “Squid Game,” 100 women vie for the affection of one of five eligible bachelors.

The story focuses on Day, a determined participant who joins the competition with a personal motive: securing cancer treatment for her sister, May. Battling anxiety and the pressures of the competition, Day hopes for a telepathic connection to lead her to her ideal match. Among the potential suitors is Sun, a standout contestant from “The Farm” whose charm and looks make him a prime candidate for Day’s affections.

This setup lays the groundwork for a series that explores themes of love, scarcity, and the lengths to which individuals will go to secure happiness and well-being in a world turned upside down by unforeseen circumstances.


The talented cast, including Pongtiwat ‘Blue’ Tangwancharoen, Trisanu ‘Man’ Soranun, and Nichapalak ‘Lilly’ Thongkham, among others, were lauded for their performances. They brought depth to their characters, navigating the complexities of love and competition in a world turned upside down by demographic shifts. This engaging premise, combined with the show’s satirical edge and romantic undertones, has made “Ready, Set, Love” a standout addition to Netflix’s international repertoire.


As fans eagerly await news on the potential renewal of “Ready, Set, Love” for a second season, they are encouraged to revisit the first season available on Netflix. The series stands as a testament to the innovative storytelling coming out of Thailand, offering a compelling mix of humor, romance, and social commentary that resonates with a global audience​.

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