We all people face this issue of battery draining while working on some important on the go. Sometimes it’s frustrating to see a blinking light. Also, rummaging for a force plug, PC close by, is unquestionably probably the clumsiest thing to find on the planet. This difficulty is being tackled by the laptop power banks that are available at the market nowadays. There are many power banks for laptops, but you have to researched a little bit while choosing the best power bank 2020.

Some power banks are big while some are heavy, so sometimes you may a coffee at the cafe and charge a laptop with a USB power bank or even at an airport, train station while traveling.

The problem of laptop battery draining is solved by the power banks for laptops. These power banks are capable of charging your laptops at least once. If you find one that charges your laptop on the go, then it’s worth it. It is the perfect solution for remote workers.

6 Power Bank for Laptop and Mobile

1. HALO Bolt 58830 mWh Power Bank

Halo Bolt

Capacity: 57,720mWh | Power: 65W

HALO is the most powerful power bank you have ever seen. Its not just a power bank for a laptop, it is also a jump-starter for a car. It comes with a special jumpstart port and with a specialized jumper cable. You multiple color options because it comes with a seven-color. This portable laptop charger has all AC outlets for laptop charging. Best Power Bank 2020.

2. MaxOak 50000mah Power Bank

MaxOak 50000

Capacity: 50000mAh | Power: 130W

MaxOak is the best power bank for on the go charging. Best in class design, this power bank comes with a 6 output port. This power bank is compatible with many laptops. It’s a great choice while road trips, camps, and any business meeting.

3. Krisdonia 50000mAh Laptop Power Bank


Capacity: 50000mAh Power: 185Wh

This is a multiple-use laptop power bank because it has 28 different laptop connectors and Magsafe 2 adapter. It has four output ports like USB 1, USB 2, Type-C, and DC Output. You can charge two laptops and two phones at a time. LED display to show voltage and battery level.

4. MaxOak Type-C Laptop Power Bank

MaxOak Type-C power bank
MaxOak Type-C

Capacity: 36000mAh Power: 133.2Wh

This MaxOak Type-C is the best power bank for a laptop who loves Apple products like MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. All-in-one fast charge power bank has four output ports and has Magsafe 1 and 2 cables for laptop charger and PD Type-C Digital Devices like a laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

5. POWERADD Pilot Pro 32000mAh Power Bank

POWERADD Pilot Pro power bank

Capacity: 32,000mAh | Power: 118.4W

Hugh capacity of 32,000 mAh, a powerful laptop power bank capable of charging your device like a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Two USB and one DC outlet for laptop. It has a small LED display showing battery level and voltage. It has 10 different connectors making it compatible with many laptops. This product protects it from over-charge, over-temperature, and short-circuits.

6. RAVPower Power Bank 30000mah

RAVPower power bank
RAVPower Power Bank

Capacity: 30,000mAh | Power: 100W

This power comes in the last position with 30000 mAh capacity, AC outlet, with a power of 100 watts. This laptop power also provides a USB-C connector with fast charging. This power bank is built to power up your MacBook Pro perfectly, just as good as the original Macbook charger. RAVPower gives you a 30-month warranty.

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