It has been just two weeks since WWDC kicked off and Apple released second beta versions of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 on Tuesday. The Beta 2 of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 is packed with some notable tweaks, modifications and bug fixes for developers and advanced users, who had already installed Beta 1 on their devices. Apple also intends to add features in the upcoming update that it had mentioned in WWDC 2020, but were missing in the original beta version.

ios 14 beta 2

There is no official changelog for iOS 14 Beta 2 and iPadOS 14 Beta 2 from Apple, anyways we rely on the spic and span builds to carry fundamental bug fixes, productivity and stability upgrades, and improved safety measures for iPhones and iPads. Here, we have rounded up everything we got to know in the Beta 2.

What’s New in iOS Beta 2?

●    Unable to install update while playing audio

The iOS 14 Settings app will not allow you to install an update if you’re playing any kind of audio on your device: “This update cannot be installed while audio is playing.”

●    A modified clock icon

The clock icon is tweaked a little bit with a bolder font and thicker hour and minute hands.

ios 14 beta 2 clock

●    A new calendar icon

The Calendar app icon in iOS 14 beta 2 is changed now with the day of the week abbreviated rather than spelled out and slightly bolder than the previous one.

●    New files widget

There is a new files widget that shows your recent files and can be added to the home Screen or Today View. 

ios 14 beta 2

●    New emojis in reminders lists

Emojis in the reminders lists have been updated with new designs.

ios 14 beta 2 emoji

●    Congestion zones

The new iOS 14 beta 2 also brings notifications and alerts in cities with congestion zones that charge tolls such as Paris and London etc. There are also alerts for license plate restriction zones in countries that have license plate restrictions.

●    Reminder widget

Small reminder widget now implies a task along with the count.

ios 14 beta 2 widget

●    Weather widget fix

This is more of a bug fix than a new feature. Previously, the weather widget used to show the weather of Cupertino, irrespective of the user’s location. But, it has been fixed now in the iOS 14 beta 2 version.

●    Shortcuts

The option to open shortcuts files in the shortcuts app has been removed again.

ios 14 shortcut

●    Music haptics

Pressing the play, pause, next, and back buttons on the Now Playing screen in ‌ Apple Music‌ provides you with haptic feedback.

●    Universal clipboard notifications

A notification containing the device name will show up when you paste contents from your other iCloud-linked devices on your iPhone.

●    App library

Apps downloaded to the App Library can now be directly deleted from the App Library rather than only deleting from the library. This functionality is not available on Home Screen.

●    HomeKit favorites

The beta 2 now additionally lets your HomeKit favorites listed in the Control Center feature larger icons for some people.

ios 14 homekit

●    Disable animated cover art

There’s an option to disable the animated cover art in the Music app.

●    Wi-Fi privacy warning

While connecting to a Wi-Fi network that does not have a private Wi-Fi address, Apple sends you a warning message in the Settings App.

ios 14 privacy

●    Control center

The Control Center will now display the apps that have recently accessed your microphone or camera at the top.

ios 14 control center

●    New family sharing icon

A new icon for Family Sharing is introduced in the Settings app.

●    Custom fonts not available

Third-party apps can no longer access custom font configuration in iOS 14 beta 2.

The Bottom Line

iOS 14 beta 2 highlights the build number of 18A5319i. Developers can update from beta 1 through the Settings app. Head on to the > Settings application, select > General, then select > Software Update. In the event that you don’t see iOS 14 beta 2 immediately, continue checking as the update is as yet turning out.

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Apple has said that iOS 14 will be accessible to public beta testers at some point in July, yet starting at this moment, that variant has not been released. If you are running iOS older OS, you can jump up to this iOS 14 as it will be out soon. You can easily copy data along with you. So far, we know these changes that Apple has made in iOS 14 beta 2. There are likely going to be other changes as well and we will likely be keep checking them too.

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