If you have set up Google Analytics for your website, you can see detailed reports of certain metrics or dimensions. When you log in to the Google Analytics interface, you will see reports of page views to your website which includes information about your website visitors. Pageviews help you to understand your website performance.

What is Page Views in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, a view of a single page on your website loaded by the user that is being tracked by the Google Analytics tracking code and total page view count goes up.

If a user revisits the same page multiple times within a single session, each view of that particular page count added to page views. Even if the user refreshes the page, this will also count in page views.

For Example:

If you visit praveshpatel.com then your visit to this page right now counts as a one page view.

If you reload this specific page, the page view will go up to two page views, but it’ll be counted as one unique page view.

If you send the link to your friend and if they visit, that will be counted as three page views and two unique page views. If you again come back to www.praveshpatel.com tomorrow in a separate session, It will be counted as four-page views and three unique page views.

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