Five Bedrooms Season 5 Release Date

Have you heard of Five Bedrooms Season? It’s this awesome Australian TV series that’s part comedy, part drama. You can catch it on Network 10. The show kicked off its first season on May 15, 2019, airing at 8:40 p.m. Later on, starting April 15, 2020, folks in the United States could tune in on Peacock to watch it.

Ever since its debut, Five Bedrooms has been winning hearts worldwide. The storyline follows five completely different individuals who cross paths at a wedding and end up deciding to buy a house together. Sounds pretty out there, right? But trust me, it’s a rollercoaster of heartwarming and hilarious moments. Fans who love shows with a touching vibe have really taken to Five Bedrooms.

Five Bedrooms Season 5 Release Date

Five Bedrooms Season 5 is scheduled to premiere on June 16, 2024. The season is expected to maintain the show’s tradition of releasing new episodes weekly on Paramount+.

Five Bedrooms Season 5 Plot

The series follows the lives of five individuals who, after meeting at a wedding, decide to pool their resources and buy a house together in Melbourne, Australia. This diverse group, each at different stages in their lives, forms an unconventional but close-knit family. The show skillfully balances humor with the real-life challenges faced by the characters, making it both entertaining and relatable.

The fourth season, which concluded in June 2023, left fans eager for more, and it’s anticipated that Season 5 will continue to delve into the characters’ personal and shared journeys. While specific details of Season 5’s plot are not fully revealed, it’s expected to follow the characters as they navigate their complex lives, relationships, and the consequences of their past actions.

Five Bedrooms Season 5 Cast

The main cast is expected to return for the new season, including:

  • Kat Stewart as Liz Wendell
  • Stephen Peacocke as Ben Chigwell
  • Doris Younane as Heather Doyle
  • Katie Robertson as Ainsley Elling
  • Roy Joseph as Harpreet “Harry” Sethi
  • Hugh Sheridan as Lachlan Best
  • Daniel Lapaine as Joe Chigwell
  • Johnny Carr as Kevin “Simmo” Fitzsimons
  • Kumud Merani as Manju K. Sethi
  • Alan Dukes as Colin Doyle
  • Ben Schumann as Timmy Doyle
  • Kyle Keuris as Louie Doyle
  • Kate Jenkinson as Melanie Best
  • Dennis Coard as Marty Churle
  • Rodger Corser as Stuart Wendell
  • Adam Fiorentino as Pete Portelli
  • Josh McKenzie as Xavier
  • Ingrid Torelli as Mia Chigwell-Bourke
  • Samantha Cain as Rebecca Bourke
  • Celia Ireland as Rhonda Hibbert
  • Roz Hammond as Edwina Crowe
  • Victoria Eagger as Val Gunther
  • Keith Brockett as Dan Chen
  • Diana Nguyen as Kerri Chen

What Can Fans Expect in Five Bedrooms Season 5?

In Five Bedrooms Season 5, fans can expect an engaging continuation of the story, with further development of the characters and their interwoven lives. Here are some key aspects that fans might look forward to:

1. Character Development: The series is known for its deep character arcs. We can expect to see more about how each character navigates their personal and professional challenges. Given the show’s history, these developments will likely mix humor with heartfelt moments.

2. Plot Progression: Season 4 left viewers with unresolved issues and evolving relationships. Season 5 is anticipated to pick up on these storylines, providing answers and potentially introducing new twists.

3. Themes of Friendship and Relationships: Central to Five Bedrooms is its exploration of friendship, relationships, and the unconventional family dynamic among the main characters. Season 5 will continue to delve into these themes, likely presenting both challenges and triumphs for the characters.

4. Possible Conclusions: As the series progresses, it’s possible that Season 5 might start to wrap up some long-standing storylines, especially if it is moving towards a conclusion. This might include resolutions in the characters’ personal lives or changes in their living arrangements.

5. Humor and Realism: Five Bedrooms balances comedy with real-life issues. Expect Season 5 to maintain this balance, offering both laughs and poignant moments as it reflects on everyday struggles.

6. High Expectations: Given the show’s track record of improving with each season, fans can likely expect Season 5 to be as engaging, if not more, than the previous seasons.

Overall, Five Bedrooms Season 5 is set to continue the show’s legacy of blending humor with the complexities of modern life, all through the lens of a group of unique individuals sharing a house in Melbourne​​​​​​.

Where to Watch Five Bedrooms Season 5

Five Bedrooms Season 5 will be available for streaming on Paramount+. The previous seasons have also been made available on this platform, allowing fans to catch up on the series.


The show has been well-received, with critics and audiences praising its engaging storyline, character development, and the blend of humor and drama. It holds a rating of 7.8/10 on IMDb and 8/10 on the rating graph, reflecting its popularity and critical acclaim.


Five Bedrooms Season 5 is set to continue the compelling narrative of its predecessors, with fans eagerly anticipating its return. The combination of a talented cast, a relatable plot, and a balance of comedy and drama makes it a standout show in Australian television. Keep an eye out for its release on Paramount+ in June 2024.

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