Five Bedrooms Season 4 Release Date, Episode, Plot, Cast

Five Bedrooms has captured the hearts of viewers with its unique storyline, revolving around five different individuals who meet at a singles table at a wedding and decide to buy a house together. The show, known for its blend of humor, drama, and heartwarming moments, has successfully aired three seasons, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the story. As we look forward to Five Bedrooms Season 4, let’s dive into everything we know so far about the upcoming season.

Series Overview of Five Bedrooms

Five Bedrooms is an Australian television drama series that first premiered in 2019. The show follows five individuals who, after meeting at the singles table at a wedding, decide to take a bold step – buying a house together. The group consists of a mix of personalities and backgrounds, including a lawyer, a nurse, a tradie, a real estate agent, and a body corporate manager, which leads to dynamic and sometimes challenging interactions. Despite their differences, they share the common goal of creating a home and navigating the complexities of their lives together.

Five Bedrooms Season 4 Release Date

The Five Bedrooms season 4 return will stream exclusively on Paramount+ from Sunday 14 May 2023.


TitleDirected byRelease Date
Two BluffsPeter Templeman14 May 2023
Two BattlersPeter Templeman14 May 2023
Two WillsFiona Banks14 May 2023
Four GummiesFiona Banks21 May 2023
Three TentsAdrian Chiarella28 May 2023
Seventy-Two HoursAdrian Chiarella4 June 2023
One FlamePeter Templeman11 June 2023
Five SellersPeter Templeman18 June 2023

Five Bedrooms Season 4 Storyline and Cast

While specific details about the storyline for Season 4 have not been disclosed, it is expected to continue exploring the lives, relationships, and challenges faced by the housemates. Season 3 left several story arcs open, providing plenty of material for the next season to delve into.

The main cast, which has been praised for their chemistry and performances, is expected to return for Season 4. This includes:

  • Kat Stewart as Liz
  • Stephen Peacocke as Ben
  • Doris Younane as Heather
  • Katie Robertson as Ainsley
  • Roy Joseph as Harry
  • Hugh Sheridan as Lachlan

New characters and guest stars may also be introduced to refresh the storyline and introduce new dynamics among the housemates.

How Did Season 3 Of Five Bedrooms Conclude?

Five Bedrooms Season 3 brought significant developments and twists for the characters. Without giving away too much for those who haven’t caught up, the season focused on deepening relationships, personal growth, and the challenges of living together in such a unique arrangement. The finale left several storylines in cliffhangers, setting the stage for intriguing developments in Season 4.

What Will Happen in Five Bedrooms Season 4?

At the end of Season 3 of Five Bedrooms, significant events unfolded among the housemates: Ainsley and Simmo decided against marriage, Ben’s romantic interest Heater moved on with Ed, Liz rekindled a connection with her ex-husband Stuart while also having a one-night stand with Geri, whom Harry was considering as a co-parent. Season 4 picks up just a few weeks later, with Harry throwing a 70th birthday party for Manju, which reveals tensions and secrets, including Harry’s potential parenthood plans and Manju’s cancer diagnosis. Liz struggles with whether to disclose her indiscretion to Stuart amidst these revelations. Ben’s new relationship with Mel, a single mother from his past, surprises and unsettles the household. Heather and Ed’s relationship thrives, presenting new possibilities for Heather, while Ainsley and Simmo face an unexpected and life-altering surprise. The season begins with scripts that balance emotional depth and character development, showcasing the cast’s strong performances.

Five Bedrooms Season 4 Show Ratings

The series has consistently received positive ratings for its storytelling, character development, and relatable themes. Critics and audiences alike have praised the show for its heartfelt and often humorous portrayal of life’s ups and downs. Five Bedrooms Season 4 is expected to maintain the high standard set by its predecessors.

Where Can I Watch Five Bedrooms Season 4?

Five Bedrooms is available on Prime Video and on Network 10 and its streaming service, 10 Play, in Australia. For international viewers, the series has been available on platforms like Peacock in the United States. Availability can vary by region, so viewers should check local listings and streaming services for the most accurate information.

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