Bandidos Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Where to Watch

Netflix is gearing up to introduce Bandidos, a riveting new series from Mexico that dives into the world of high-stakes heists. This Spanish-language series is one of Netflix’s major Mexican productions, following the success of “Narcos: Mexico.”

Under the direction of Adrian Grunberg and the creative guidance of Pablo Tébar, Bandidos promises a thrilling blend of action and suspense. At the heart of the series are Miguel and Lilí, two characters intricately involved in planning a monumental robbery that’s sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The anticipation for Bandidos is mounting, with audiences eager to discover when they can catch this action-packed series on Netflix. This article delves into everything we currently know about the release date for Season 1 of Bandidos. Continue reading to get all the details on this exciting new show!

Bandidos Season 1 Release Date

Bandidos, an eagerly anticipated TV series, is set to make its debut on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. This marks a significant addition to Netflix’s roster of action and adventure series, bringing a fresh and exciting storyline to audiences worldwide.

Cast of Bandidos Season 1

  • Ester Expósito as Lilí
  • Alfonso Dosal as Miguel
  • Mabel Cadena as Inés
  • Juan Pablo Medina as Wilson
  • Andres Baida as Ariel
  • Nicolás Furtado as Octavio
  • Sarah Nichols as Nathalie
  • Luis Gerardo Méndez
  • Bruno Bichir


Follow Miguel and Lilí on their thrilling journey to uncover a legendary treasure hidden within a Spanish galleon, submerged deep beneath the ocean’s surface along Mexico’s Atlantic coast. This ship, a casualty of the fierce battles for Mexican independence, holds secrets long forgotten.

The task ahead for Miguel and Lilí is formidable. They need to dive into the depths to explore the wreck and claim the treasure. But such an ambitious endeavor requires allies. Thus, they ally with a band of daring outlaws, each bringing their unique skills to this high-stakes quest.

Yet, as they soon find out, the treasure they seek attracts others, too, turning their adventure into a race against rivals equally determined to find the bounty. This revelation adds layers of intrigue and peril to their mission, making their quest not just for treasure, but for survival.What

What Can You Expect from The Bandidos?

Bandidos brings a fresh twist to the crime genre on Netflix, setting its thrilling heist drama against an unusual backdrop: the depths of the ocean. This underwater robbery element injects a novel and captivating dimension to the show, distinguishing it from the more traditional crime narratives viewers might be accustomed to. Imagine the tension and excitement of a heist, but with the added complexity and beauty of an underwater setting. It’s an innovative approach that promises to deliver both action and suspense in a new light.

The series is among Netflix’s significant ventures in Mexico, following in the footsteps of “Narcos: Mexico,” which captivated audiences from 2018 to 2021. “Narcos: Mexico” explored the tumultuous 1980s in Mexico, a period marked by considerable strife, particularly from the Mexican army’s actions in Sinaloa. It centered on Miguel Angel Félix Gallardo’s ambitions to rise as a drug lord in Guadalajara, aiming to consolidate the drug trade under his control—a stark contrast to the prevailing chaos in the country.

Meanwhile, the story also followed Kiki Camarena, a young DEA agent who arrived in Mexico filled with aspirations and quickly confronted the grim realities of the drug trade. The clash between Camarena’s ideals and the brutal truth of his surroundings formed the core of “Narcos: Mexico,” offering viewers a gripping narrative of ambition, conflict, and the consequences of the drug war.

Where to Watch?

Bandidos” will be available for streaming on Netflix from Wednesday, March 13, 2024. Simply log into your Netflix account on that date, and you’ll have access to start watching the movie right away.

Bandidos Season 1 Trailer


Set against the vibrant backdrop of Mexico, Netflix’s Bandidos Season 1 immerses viewers in a captivating Spanish-language narrative centered around an ambitious robbery. Directed by Adrian Grunberg and creatively steered by Pablo Tébar, the series is anchored by the talents of Ester Expósito and Alfonso Dosal, who breathe life into the characters Lilí and Miguel, respectively. Slated for a premiere on March 13, 2024, the storyline unfolds with Miguel and Lilí’s daring pursuit of a hidden treasure aboard a submerged Spanish galleon, aligning with a crew of skilled outlaws.

This undersea adventure promises a unique blend of action and suspense, reminiscent of the rich storytelling and complex backdrop seen in “Narcos: Mexico.” Marking another significant venture for Netflix into the realm of high-stakes drama, Bandidos stands out for its novel setting and thrilling plot, diverging from the conventional narratives centered around the drug conflicts of the 1980s. Prepare to dive into this exclusive Netflix offering, where history, treasure, and the thrill of the heist converge beneath the waves.

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